Extensive database

An extensive database containing more than 10 brands of glass, interlayers and shadings lets you explore any possible glazing configuration and create also custom products as coated multi-layer-laminates with a EN410+EN673 certified engine.


With a FEM precision and glassAdvisor’s well known simplicity, perform advanced static analysis within seconds and in compliance with EN16612 and DT210.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction cannot be calculated on glazing composition so this is why glassAdvisor estimates Rw-value based on hundreds and hundreds of laboratory measurements, giving the most reliable estimation possible.


You can use glassAdvisor wherever you want. Start a simulation in your office, save it, show it on a meeting and brainstorm around it.

Shading devices

Select model and color from a list of products, and glassAdvisor will manage to correctly input all the geometrical and physical parameters for a correct simulation. Simulating a shading device has never been easier!

Weather Database

Define an exact point in Europe, North Africa or Middle East. glassAdvisor performs an hour-by-hour simulation based on a 10-years weather database and finds boundary conditions of critical moments as summer and winter.


An extremely simple and flexible tool lets you create any glass composition.

Laminated glass

Create a laminated glass and discover its impact and burglar resistance according to EN356 and EN12600.

NFRC Compliant results

If you are a European company selling in the North American market you probably get asked for glazing values according to NFRC standard. glassAdvisor is fully compliant for both simulation and glass emissivity.

ERP integration

Avoid repetitive glazing simulations just to create infinite amounts of Declaration of Performances. glassAdvisor have developed a bot that does that for you, leaving your employees to more productive tasks.

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glassAdvisor is a Free web-App with Professional functions through annual subscription

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