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All prices listed are excluding VAT.

Secondary Licenses

When you subscribe to a Single User License, you are actually allowed to share that License within a company. Since glassAdvisor is a Web Service, there is no need to install it on a PC but in some situations you might want to use it within your Technical Dept. while someone else from your Team needs to open it from aTablet and brainstorm with an Architect or Engineer. In these cases you need multiple users so that they can access the Service simultaneously.
If that is the case you might have the desire to activate Secondary Licenses (managed by the main account) to give access to multiple people in your team and make it easier to work together!

Example: A company needing three licenses would have a First year cost of 2000+500+500 = 3000€. And for the following years a cost of 500+100+100 = 700€/year.

All prices listed are excluding VAT

Integration with glass transformer ERP

For companies transforming glass and producing IGUs an interesting feature could be the integration of the company ERP with glassAdvisor in order to perform any glass simulation with no need of an employee performing this important and boring task. This feature relieves the company from high operational costs for DoP (Declaration of Performance) management and creation and can be implemented whenever the ERP is considered compatible. An additional fee would be necessary to activate the account used by the Bot to simulate the simulations at high speed.


Glass Statics Calculation according to EN16612 and DT210

With a FEM precision and glassAdvisor’s well known simplicity, perform advanced static analysis within seconds and in compliance with EN16612 and DT210. The Glass Statics calculation is an option that can be added both to the Professional Version of glassAdvisor but also to glassAdvisor Lite if you don’t need to access the database of commercial products.



Payments are performed on a yearly basis. A Single user may upgrade any time to a Multiple Users License. The secondary Licenses subscribed will be discounted to match the expiry date of the Admin account. Such discount will be proportional to the annual fee of the following years (entry fee will remain unchanged).

The payment should be performed in advance with the payment methods we will offer in our quotation.

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